Kindergarten Readiness (All Classes)
Our program allows children to develop social skills while learning about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. We encourage individual creativity and learning through music, art, dramatic play, language, math and science while providing a caring environment through developmentally appropriate lessons based on the interests of students.  Hands-on activities are designed to meet each individual child's unique learning style and developmental level.  We follow The Creative Curriculum which is designed to balance teacher-initiated and child-initiated learning.  We also use Handwriting Without Tears which is a multi-sensory approach to learning letter and number formation using music and hands-on activities.  We are a Christian school and learn about God's love through weekly bible stories.

3 Year-Old Program
The 3 Year-Old Program introduces children to a group environment. The children learn how to interact in a classroom environment by sharing, playing and working together.  They learn that they are an important member of their classroom community and that their voice matters.  In the 3 Year-Old Program, children also work on the recognition of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and their name in print. Teachers focus on developing fine motor skills through activities in order to help students to color, cut, and begin emergent writing.  Teachers monitor student progress and use instructional scaffolding to further development.  Students entering the program must be three years old by September 30th.

4 Year-Old Program
The 4 Year-Old Program prepares children for kindergarten by helping them learn shapes, colors, how to write their first and last name, and if they are ready, the introduction of some sight words. Handwriting Without Tears is used to reinforce letter recognition as well as correct letter formation. This age group develops critical thinking skills through instructional scaffolding in areas of language, math, science and social studies. They work on following directions and being an important member of the school community.

5 Year-Old Kinder Start Program

Kinder Start is designed to meet the needs of students who may not meet the age requirements for kindergarten.  These students are socially and academically ready for more challenging work than what is offered in a traditional four year old classroom.  This program has a more elaborate kindergarten focused curriculum. Children use emergent readers and begin to learn sight words.  They also learn to write upper and lowercase letters as well as some sight words through the program Handwriting Without Tears. Students learn to work independently and develop critical thinking skills through instructional scaffolding in areas of language, math, science and social studies.  Children must meet at least three of the following requirements to be placed in this class: turn five years old before December 30th, be socially and emotionally ready, have previously attended a preschool program or have a teacher recommendation.



Enrichment Classes  

Godly Play 

In a partnership with St. Paul's Christian Education Director, each class will participate in a special bible study called Godly Play.  This approach is based on Montessori principles and allows children to explore their faith through story and hands-on materials.  


Music Matters

All of our classes participate in weekly music classes.  By including music and movement as part of the education of young children, it enhances every aspect of whole-child learning including cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development.  Music concepts will be taught through the exploration of small instruments, songs, finger plays, dances and introduction to the keyboard.


Art Classes

Each class participates in an art enrichment class twice a month.  The purpose of our art program is to teach the fundamentals of art with inspiration from literature along with classic and modern artists. Each month students will focus on a new concept to explore. Children will make works of art to be displayed at our Annual Spring Art Show.


Science Exploration

As an extension of our classroom science discovery, children will participate in a monthly science class. Children will learn what it means to be a scientist by participating in a variety of hands-on scientific experiments.


Friday Enrichment Classes

Every Friday students may sign up to participate in a special theme based class.  These classes will provide additional learning opportunities through sensory, art, fine motor and gross motor activities that center around a special topic such as Lego Building, Gardening, Cooking, etc. Classes change weekly and students must be signed up the Wednesday before the class.  Each class is limited to 12 students.


Life Skills

Once a month our director visits each class to do a lesson focusing on life skills such as problem solving, friendship skills, stranger danger, "germ busting" and more.  Children are given opportunities to role play and write about the skills that are discussed.