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Harriet Jukes' Letters
The letters and comments of Harriet Jukes as well as those of others give us insight into the life of the Church, the Maumee Valley Communities, and the lives of the Rev. Mark Jukes and his wife Harriet in the 1850's.

How fortunate we are that Gilbert D. Jukes, a grandson, had sent the materials to us in 1955. He addressed it to the Rev. R. Malcolm Ward, then Rector. Descendants of the Jukes family have stayed in touch with our parish and it is blessing to hear from them from time to time.

This is an abridged selection, but unaltered to grammar and spelling. There is a wealth of material in the parish library.

(Watercolors by the Rev. Andrew Jukes, brother of Mark Jukes, Sept. 30, 1854)

For a moment, share in the life and times of a remarkable family.

To read more about this is a heart-rending story, please download the PDF of Harriet Jukes' Letters. (File size: 165 KB)

Please note that these letters are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here






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